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Welcome to Rawnaq Alebda

Rawnaq Al-Ebdaa office for certified translation - certified translation (edited - simultaneous) - provision of interpreters and provision of interpretation equipment and translation rooms for conferences and exhibitions.

Who Are We

Rawnaq for certified translation is a facility specialized in providing translation services  Simultaneous and certified translation  and language solutions according to the highest international quality standards, and it is an accredited translation company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The work teams in all departments work perfectly, whether it is the interpretation department, or the certified translation department, and other departments in order to build bridges for effective communication in more than 20 languages  International.

Business Conference


simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous translation in sign language

Translating books and documents

High quality audio translation equipment

Translation rooms with soundproofing

Subtitle voice added

Subtitles in the subtitles

Connect with us

Riyadh: Al-Takhasusy Street - Al-Muhammadiyah District - Al-Takhasusi intersection with King Abdullah towards the south

+966 555109966

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